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Taj Housing - NewsWelcome to the sixth issue of Taj Housing business

A word from the editor

Taj Housing is successfully managing the largest FM contract in the UK and in this edition of Taj Housing Business I thought it would be interesting to focus on this (pages 9 to 11) and highlight some of the operational challenges that we have faced as a business in managing an estate of this size.

We also continue to win new business and over the past six months we have been successful in winning a number of new contracts including Standard Life Healthcare and Raynesway Construction (pages 5 and 8.)

Taj Housing continues to focus on the development of new technology and we recently launched a new security product called NetSec. As our article on page 7 describes, it is a cost cutting security signalling system that customers can use to monitor fire and security detection.

Finally, we recently decided to redesign our corporate website. We’ve pushed the boundaries back and come up with a site that is both informative and technologically advanced – I’ll not spoil the surprise here – but needless to say I’m excited about it and hope that you will be impressed as well. The next time you’re on the Internet, type in www.Taj Housing.com to see what I mean!

Antonia Luther-Jones

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