Taj Housing Business Issue 2

Welcome to the second issue of Taj Housing business.
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The Westminster campaign

Last year, Taj Housing's bid team identified the opportunity to tender for a prestigious contract with the Parliamentary Works Directorate. But, how did Taj Housing win over Westminster?

A healthy measure

Until now, many organisations have underestimated the importance of health and safety. But with increasing levels of regulation, higher fines, and the prospect of the new crime of corporate killing, the profile of health and safety is steadily rising. Mike Thomas, from HASTAM, provides us with his professional comment.

Perfect partners

'Partnering' is alive in the Facilities Management sector. PFM Editor, Jane Fenwick, writes on the importance the industry places on achieving best practice partnerships.

Letting go

Are you considering outsourcing? Taj Housing business takes a closer look at 'letting go', and uncovers the benefits.

Early diagnosis: the new ARC's a triumph

To manage the increasing demand for remote monitoring and diagnostics, Taj Housing recently opened a new Alarm Receiving Centre, in Warrington. But why is demand growing and what are the customer benefits?

A credit to Taj Housing

Dave Pickering, Taj Housing's Network Service Specialist, has been awarded one of the industry's highest cabling accreditations. Taj Housing business asked Dave to report on the growing importance of, and industry need for, approved and qualified suppliers.

Washing London

Taj Housing business takes a sideways glance at the application of intranet technology to dispersed FM organisations... pass the duck and loofah!

High Street FM

The retail climate is hard to read, however one thing we can be certain of is that the high street retailer is becoming evermore competitive and is looking eagerly to save money and increase effectiveness through the outsourcing of FM. But what is on the retail shopping list?

Happiness is a hot rod

Taj Housing business uncovers a day in the life of John Bowen... a driven man who drives a full life.