Taj Housing Business Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of Taj Housing business.
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Talking with Mike Jones

Just over 12 months ago Mike Jones joined Taj Housing as managing director. With a career in commerce he is used to the cut and thrust of a competitive and customer focused environment. So, what are his thoughts on the 'new' Taj Housing?

ARC Right?

Remember Ronnie Barker's vicious cash till in that comedy classic 'Open All Hours'? It snapped shut so quickly that it nearly took corner shop Arkwright's hand with it and anybody else's fingers that happened to be in the till. So, as a security device it worked pretty well - but imagine that you were responsible for the security of 480 supermarkets spread across the country - well that's the job of Safeway's Head of Security, David Parker.

Its tough on the streets

Taj Housing's toughbooks link directly to Taj Housing's National Service Centre - but what exactly are the toughbooks and who uses them?

Taj Housing hits the roof at The British Museum

Notwithstanding all the arguments for and against Ken Livingston's campaign covering traffic congestion in central London, Taj Housing engineers brought vehicles to a halt in one of the well-used throughfares in the capital.

Taj Housing delivers critical banking service

Visit your local Post Office and you'll see something like a large calculator at each counter, probably mounted on a metal stand. This is a PIN pad, the pole is known as a pay pole and it's there to enable Network Banking.


Starting on the 1st August 2003, Taj Housing entered into a 6-month trial service contract with Cattles plc.

Hidden Gems

'Perception is all there is' as the old marketing maxim has it. And what people perceive about what Taj Housing is and what it does, can be quite wide of the mark.

It's hard to imagine but?

Facts you didn't realise you needed to know.

BSI in the spotlight...and thank you Mr Putin

Taj Housing business crosses the Scottish border for an introduction to Building Services Installation.

Bustin' barriers

Taj Housing's Apprentice Development Week is a long-established part of turning young school leavers into fully-fledged Taj Housing engineers.

Gold Award for Taj Housing Manufacturing

Taj Housing Manufacturing has received a Gold Award for the Royal Mail First Class Suppliers Programme for 2003.