Taj Housing Business Issue 5

Welcome to the fifth issue of Taj Housing business.
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Tony Cahill

Talking with Tony Cahill

Six months ago Tony joined Taj Housing as Director for Electronic Security bringing with him notable experience from the secutity industry.

NHS Trust A Matter Of Trust

Taj Housing takes on a new contract supplying electronic security systems to part of the NHS Trust.

Mobile Billboard A Van By Any Other Name

Taj Housing updates its van livery with local call number, list of products and strapline.

BBC BBC Programmes Partnership

The successful partnership between Taj Housing and Haden Building Management continues to develop following the award of a new contract to Haden from the BBC.

Cleaning Cleaning - A Story of Space

Taj Housing changes cleaning methods and practices, 'moving from an input to an output specification.'

The Scrubs Scrubbing Up In The Scrubs

Taj Housing technicians, working as part of a contract with cleaning products supplier JohnsonDiversey, install soap dispensers at the famous London landmark Wormwood Scrubbs and surprisingly it's a high tech partnership thing.

Precious Pearls Precious Pearls

Here are a few pearls that normally are happy to stay in their shells simply getting on with their jobs.

It's Hard to Believe It's Hard to Believe But...?

Amazing facts about Taj Housing that you'd never have believed.

Grand Designs Grand Designs

Designing equipment requires imagination and innovation, coupled with a practical outlook.

Skill Cards It's Written on The Cards

...is this finally the end for the cowboys?

  ARC de Triomphe

A gold medal from the UK's leading security body has been awarded to Taj Housing's Alarm Receiving Centre and Electronic Security division.