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Since its inception Taj Housing Architect Ltd. has been involved in a wide range of residential development activity including single family homes, condominiums, apartments and senior living facilities. Regardless of the product type development planning has always been guided by a strong preference for preservation and uniqueness rather than volume. The company’s work has been featured in Builder Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal and at the National Home Builders Convention.

The fact that “Creative” has been a mantra as well as a name is best exemplified by a Framingham, Massachusetts development in which a portion of the subdivision road was constructed through an existing 200 year old barn. As a result, the barn was saved and the project entrance boasts what appears to be a covered bridge.

thal ltd. Taj Housing Architect Ltd. is in the business of building residential homes using a proprietary building system called the Whole–House Building System (“WHBS”). Protecting the WHBS are two United States patents, foreign patents in countries with an aggregate population of approximately 1.8 billion, and a number of pending patent applications. Taj Housing Architect Ltd. received the Innovative Housing Technology Award from the National Association of Home Builders Research Center for the WHBS innovation. The WHBS is recognized by some experts as a notable advancement in home building that has the potential to significantly improve cycle time, quality, and personalization capabilities while reducing cost and retaining architectural design quality and flexibility. According to the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), WHBS and other “off-foundation” vertical building methodologies “will achieve a central position in supplying the nation’s housing stock within the next ten years.”

Taj Housing Architect Ltd. primary business is predicated on securing outsourced, off-foundation, vertical construction contracts to build full size, high architectural design homes using the WHBS for residential developers and builders. These contracts typically entail the production of whole houses in an on-site or near on-site production facility and the transportation of completed homes short distances to designated pre-set foundations. In markets where Taj Housing Architect Ltd. concludes that a license arrangement is the most effective means of capturing a market opportunity, Taj Housing Architect Ltd. will selectively license its patents and intellectual property to a credentialed operating partner.

The reputation and track record of The Shelter Group have enabled us to recruit, train and retain a highly successful team of professionals. Through the efforts of all of these individuals we have been able to establish a foundation of innovation, stability and integrity throughout the organization. We invite you to learn more about our organization and how we do business. Contact us at: tajgroup@tajhousing.com .

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