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Greystone Home

The simple weave and soothing palette of Arizona is reminiscent of that state's tranquil desert scenery. The perfect texture to soften even the straightest edge, this textile is easily applied to any hard surface as a wall-covering or upholstery. Woven in Italy from cellulose and cotton, it is 54 inches wide and is offered in four colors, Sage Green, Dijon, Linen, and brown. 152 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019; 866-473-9826; greystonehomecollection.com.

Xeno Objects
Klom Series end and cocktail tables

Thoroughly modern with more than a touch of whimsy, the Klom Series end and cocktail tables are made entirely by hand: bamboo fibers and natural resins create the initial form, which is then set with an environmentally friendly epoxy. This jolly group is as comfortable in a hip interior as it is in the great outdoors. 1 La Costa Center, 1016 La Posada Drive, Suite 240, Austin, TX 78752; 512-371-9908; xenoobjects.com.

Foundation upholstery line

This manufacturer has added to its collection of Terratex, eco-friendly fabrics produced using renewable energy. The upholstery line includes Foundation (available in 30 colors), Links (13 colors), Constructure (nine colors), and Electron (two colors). Best of all, they're offered at budget-friendly prices—so you don't have to part with a lot of green in order to be green. P.O. Box 1812, Indianapolis, IN 46204; 800-428-4415; www.mayerfabrics.com


el: Environmental Language
Pegasus dining table

Seemingly floating on winged legs, the graceful Pegasus dining table could hardly be more tethered to the earth. The eco-friendly piece is available in three sustainably grown woods: walnut, rift-cut oak, and cherry. Finishes—ranging from clear-coat to dark ebony—are nontoxic and derived from tree sap. The table is 54 inches long, 102 inches wide, and 29 inches high. 425 Park Barrington Drive, Barrington, IL 60010; 847-382-9285; el-furniture.com.


Made from recycled and recyclable polyester, the Re:Stitch Collection by TVS interweaves durability and style; witness chic Oblique. The two-tone grid design lends the fabric an illusion of gentle motion. The collection includes 39 upholstery fabrics and 39 wall coverings in earthy hues. 900 12th Street Drive Northwest, Hickory, NC 28603; 828-328-2064; hbftextiles.com.

Micro, Mezzo, and Macro fabrics

Micro, Mezzo, and Macro denote three weaves of textured recycled- polyester fabric intended as both wall coverings and panel fabrics. The three weaves have stark geometric motifs and palettes that evoke architectural surfaces like stone, wood, and metal. Micro and Macro come in seven colors; Mezzo, in six. 76 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011; 212-343-4001; knolltextiles.com.

André Joyau
Reclaimed hardwood table/Zebra chairs

Made entirely of recycled-hardwood beams, the Reclaimed hardwood table and Zebra chairs by this Brooklyn designer are as friendly to the environment as they are to dinner guests. Blending organic influences with brawny elegance, this dining set is available in ebonized, clear, and dark brown finishes. The table is 102 inches long by 35 inches wide. 20 Van Dam Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222; 718-963-2616.

Curtain Call
Machine-washable contract curtains

Machine-washable contract curtains may sound too good to be true, but with this manufacturer's clean, green line of window coverings, it's simply a matter of detaching, washing, and re-hanging. Customers can select fabric made from woven bamboo or soybean fibers, as well as an array of cottons and silks. Styles include classic Roman shades, balloon shades, and drapes. P.O. Box 231267, New York, NY 10023; 646-505-0730; curtain-call.biz.

Helios pendant

Hung alone or as part of a luminous constellation, the Helios pendant is guaranteed to be the brightest star in the room. Bubbles of hand-blown glass within an external orb scatter light in concentric circles. Helios is made from partially recycled glass, recyclable aluminum, and bamboo and comes in seven colors. 24 Fifth Avenue, Suite 709, New York, NY 10011; 212-475-0479, x2; jgooddesign.com.

Sustainable Designs

Two new recycled-polyester additions round out the Sustainable Designs fabric group. Curly, a spiral pattern, comes in seven colors; Texturecise, a combination of matte, shiny, and bouclé yarns, in eight. 150 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013; 212-627-7766; pollackassociates.com.


Each piece in Green, a new collection of Forest Stewardship Council-certified veneers, is dyed for a uniform appearance. Available in 14 colors, the all-natural wood veneers enable designers to earn LEED-certified wood credits. 40 Burlews Court, Building 4, Hackensack, NJ 07601; 201-968-0101; tabu.it.


As subtly textured and serene as the beaches that inspired it, Cozumel is one of three new shades in this manufacturer's recycled collection. Fragments of reclaimed glass find a new life jazzing up this sandy neutral, making it a popular choice for kitchens, baths, countertops, cabinets, and more. 7350 Empire Drive, Florence, KY 41042; 800-428-6648; avonitesurfaces.com.


A veritable feast for your feet, ECOearth is available in scrumptious shades like Pesto Change-o, Pumpkin Patch, and Hot Tamale. The latest in this manufacturer's fun and durable recycled-rubber floor collection debuts in 14 speckled colors. Available on rolls or in 18- and 36-inch-square tiles. This is one floor you just might want to eat off of. P.O. Box 989, Lancaster, PA 17608; 877-326-7873; ecosurfaces.com.

Herman Miller
Wheat Board

Though similar in appearance to particle board, moisture-resistant Wheat Board panels were developed by Canadian firm Dow BioProducts using chopped wheat straw. The board is bonded using polyurethane resin, making it a great choice for use in upgrading horizontal work surfaces of Miller's Ethospace, Action Office, Q, and Prospects systems. 855 East Main Avenue, Zeeland, MI 49464; 800-851-1196; hermanmiller.com. circle 660

Tango chairs

Whether the raw material is abaca (a banana-plant fiber) or raffia (a palm fiber), the look is pure coconut. Luisa Robinson's fuzzy, hemispherical Tango chairs are rope that's coiled in the Philippines; the legs and 29-inch-diameter frame are chrome. 2199 Rue de la Metropole, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada J4P 1S5; 450-674-1669; furniture-cni.com.

Mecho Shade Systems
QSS window panel system

Gain the most possible daylight with minimum heat by using motorized-shade cloth window panels operated by this company's QSS, or Quiet Shade Systems (which decrease motor noise by a whopping 40 percent). The new systems will become standard on all of this manufacturer's lines. 42-03 35th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101; 718-729-2020; mechoshade.com.

PVC-Free SheerShades

This line of perforated PVC-Free SheerShades is available in six colors, ranging from white to dark gray. Perfect for window shades, the fabrics are fireproof coated fiberglass (which is compatible with the company's electronic-drive rollers). 7200 Suter Road, Coopersburg, PA, 18036; 877-258-8766; lutron.com.

Cabot Wrenn
Lumos Armless

Environmental sustainability plays a major role in this eye-catching design. The manufacturer uses only the most green-friendly materials but never skimps on construction—here, a solid maple frame and eight-way hand-tied coils for support guarantee comfort and durability. Both the Lumos Armless two-seat sofa and bench are offered in all the manufacturer's fabrics and wood finishes. P.O. Box 1767, Hickory, NC 28603; 828-495-4607; cabotwrenn.com.

Brent Comber
Drum and Trunk stools

Drum and Trunk are outdoor stools hewn from the flared bases of fallen Western red cedars. Because the bull's-eye of each trunk's heart is placed dead center, neither style is likely to be compromised as cracks develop. 1649 Columbia Street, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7J 1A5, Canada; 604-980-4467; brentcomber.com.


Interface president John Wells as the result of brainstorming "about how a flooring system would come about if subjected to the laws of nature… and nothing in nature is uniform." Up close the individual elements may seem incongruous, but when viewed whole it's an easy-on-the-eyes pleaser whose durability and muted color line speaks persuasively to contract applications. Tiles are woven from yarns similar in tone, then the piles are randomly cut to produce a heathered effect. Each tile is unique, but the tones and patterns are close enough to create a sense of cohesion. And there's an environmental dividend: Waste is limited because the randomly sized tiles create fewer remnants; therefore less yarn, dye, and backing is used per order. And the work continues, says designer David Oakey: "Our goal is to create a super-clean, monotone product." 1503 Orchard Hill Road, LaGrange, GA
30241; 800-336-0225; interfaceflooring.com.

EcoWorx backing

EcoWorx non-polyvinyl chloride backing comes with a guarantee that the manufacturer will return to pick up and recycle any of it that wears out at no extra cost. Believing so strongly in the product, the manufacturer will replace all of the company's PVC backings with this new one. 410 Old Mill Road, Cartersville, GA 30120; 877-509-7429; ecoworx.com.


ECOsurfaces, a collection of eight indoor and outdoor product families, includes, among others, the striking Econight, rugged Ecostone, and relaxed Ecocomfort. Made of SBR (from worn-out tires) and colored using EPDM flecks (from industrial waste), these products are available in 54 standard colors with 29 optional custom colors for the specks. P.O. Box 4944, Lancaster, PA 17604; 877-326-7873; ecosurfaces.com.

Stark Carpet Corporation

The Papier wall-covering collection offers the durability of vinyl in a hip, eco-friendly nonwoven paper that's free of chemical coatings.  The four patterns - Stipple, Cubed, Dotty, and Christopher Stripe - are available in 25 colors.  979 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022; 212-752-9000; starkcarpet.com.

Xeno Objects

It's fusion furniture. The Klom series includes Jared Huke's earth-friendly Nung, a chair that mixes Eastern and Western influences with old-world and cutting-edge fabrication techniques. It's handmade in Thailand and constructed of bamboo fibers bonded with a durable, environmentally conscious adhesive. 1 La Costa Center, 1016 La Posada Drive, Suite 240, Austin, TX 78752; 512-371-9908; xenoobjects.com.

To Market

Pop the cork—this pair of flooring options, part of the Unicork collection, is worth celebrating. Basix is patterned natural cork, while Kroma is cork finished in 12 pearly pigments. Both come in two sizes, 12 by 24 inches and 18 by 24 inches, with either beveled or straight edges. 512 North Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK 73102; 866-772-4772; tomkt.com.

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