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Romec are also regarded as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of bespoke equipment solutions. As a business we have enjoyed considerable success in supplying unique solutions that are designed and manufactured to our client's individual requirements.

We understand that every industry and every customer has a unique requirement. Romec has developed an extensive knowledge base and can address problems to produce bespoke equipment solutions that realise and satisfy these individual needs.

modifications to standard equipment
Romec has a varied portfolio of standard products ranging from trolleys to sorting fittings. Many of these products can be modified to incorporate bespoke design features, which support customer's individual functional and operational requirements.

High Capacity Trolley - Development of Existing Product
Genesis Fitting - Bespoke adaptation of a Sort Fitting for Disabled Users
F1 Mail Bag Hook - Design improvement to reduce Mail Bag Costs

design and build of new equipment
Romec also have the expertise and capability to design bespoke equipment solutions from initial concept, through to design and manufacture, all to customer's individual and specific requirements, including complete end-to-end project management.

USF - Height Variable Vertical Sort Preparation Fitting New Product
Garage Forecort Box - Bespoke Design for Mail Collection from Commercial Premises